Photo by John Wilkerson.

tippledpink is a blog dedicated to the full-throttle pursuit of liquid perfection. Like an instrument in tune with itself, a well designed and mixed cocktail is about balance, but a tuned instrument, even played by a talented musician, does not guarantee music worth listening to. That requires passion, surprises and, perhaps, a discordant note or two. tippledpink is run by Susan Whitney, whose obsession with flavor was born during her years as a bartender and server in New Orleans. Now living with her husband and daughter on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., Susan believes that the best cocktails transport you to a different place or time or simply punctuate how goddamned happy you are to be alive.

Along with bartender, her curriculum vitae includes photojournalist, wedding photographer, bookkeeper, event planner, fundraiser and champion arm wrestler. Unless otherwise specified, Susan took all of the photographs on the site.

Tippled Pink is mainly a place to turn for original, intricate cocktails that stimulate your mind and senses but also somewhere to learn how to best make the classics. Finally, Susan will share what she learns on her endless quest to explore all things edible or imbibable.

Follow her on instagram at tuamigasusanita. Thanks!

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