Be Mine

Photo by Susan Whitney.

Be Mine

1.75 oz Espolón Reposado 100 % Agave Tequila
1.5 oz ruby red grapefruit juice
0.75 oz Tempus Fugit Crème de Cacao Liqueur
1/2 tsp Pelotón de la Muerte Mezcal
1/4 tsp rose water

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled coupe.

Garnish with a rose petal.

Since Valentine’s Day is next week, I’m giving you chocolate and roses. And tequila. Because I love you.

The idea of a cocktail using rose water and crème de cacao has been sloshing around in my brain for weeks. I’d been thinking I’d pair it with vodka, but a glass of freshly-squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice leads me down a different path. As I sip it, I think, “I’ll bet a touch of rose water would taste great with this.” I try it. It does.

“I wonder…,” I think, as I grab the bottle of crème de cacao and mix a bit into my glass.

Even better.

That’s when I know I have the beginnings of a perfect drink for Valentine’s Day, and, since few love affairs are as torrid as that between tequila and grapefruit juice, tequila reposado seems the perfect base spirit. For take one, I mix 1.5 ounces of tequila, 0.75 ounces of ruby red grapefruit, o.75 ounces of crème de cacao and 1/4 teaspoon of rose water. This, my friends, is not good. It tastes like Lavendar Brown calling Ron Weasley, Won-Won  sweet in all the wrong ways.

I tweak the amounts of the ingredients, decreasing the creme de cacao and rosewater, then adding lime, then adding the rose water back so it isn’t lost, adding more tequila. The drink becomes less cloying but still falls flat. After take four, my husband and official taster (I know, rough life.) suggests adding mezcal. As soon as he says it, I know he’s right. Adding just 1/2 teaspoon mezcal is like adding a pinch of salt; the ingredients somehow stand out and coalesce simultaneously.

Photo by Susan Whitney. Vintage coupe by Peg Leg Vintage.

So whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a new flame, a life partner, your friends, or by yourself (because you are, after all, excellent company and never disagree on which show to watch) mix up a Be Mine, relax, and focus on the love in your life.


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