Mulled Rye Whiskey

Mulled Rye Whiskey

2 cups rye whiskey [I used Bulleit 95 Rye.]
8 allspice berries
8 cloves
4 peppercorns
1 star anise
1 bay leaf
zest of one orange removed in one-inch strips
one-inch wide strip of lemon zest
half a vanilla bean
1 cinnamon stick

Fill a heavy stock pan with water, clip your sous vide machine to the side of it and set the temperature to 140°F.

Funnel 2 cups of rye whiskey Into a bottle then add all ingredients except for the cinnamon stick. Cork the bottle, then shake it.

Once the water comes to temp, place the bottle into the pot and infuse for 1 hour.

When the timer goes off, add the cinnamon stick to the bottle, cork it, then let it infuse for another 45 minutes.

If you plan to keep it around for a while and don’t want the flavor to change, strain it before storing. Mine lasted for two weeks, and I stored it with the mulling spices.