Rouge Gorge White Cider Vermouth

According to Domaine Lafrance Technical Manager Laurent Paquette Boisclair, Rouge Gorge is an expression of the producer’s role as both cider factory and distillery:

Apples are harvested and processed in juice that we put in fermentation. Some of the ciders are filtered to get clear, and some others are transformed to apple spirit by our copper still. This alcohol is used to infuse classical botanicals and to fortify the cider. Finally we mix the cider, the alcohol, the macerations and add a little sugar before bottling the vermouth. Keep in mind, our vermouth (red and white) are 100% made from the domaine, and we are proud of it.

Their bottle specifies the use of absinthe, elderflower, fennel, savor, blessed thistle, gentian roots, raspberry leaf and 100 additional herbs and spices.

It’s sweeter than dry vermouth, so substituting it for its French cousin will substantially change the character of any cocktail.